WENDY  世田谷から世界へ

 WENDY is a teenage rock band from a small town in Tokyo, Setagaya.
The four local boys found their way to rock and roll in a situation where the world had stopped after the Covid-19 pandemic. From outside, the band’s activities seemed like a casual child’s play, but the members had hope for the future of rock and roll .
While they were restricted from going out. They devoted them self’s to band practice and songwriting.
Given their international upbringing and the direction they were aiming for, it was natural that all lyrics would not be Japanese but English.
They believed in the power of a good old rock music, they were teenagers who loved rock and roll and made it into their own.
WENDY is serious about targeting the global market.
With their first recording in January 2021 and their first live show in April 2021, and in April 2022 they sold out their first 2our full set concert.
Then finally in May 13/2022 they released their first single Rock’n Roll Is Back.
The bands world-changing journey has begun!

Skye McKenzie (Vo.G.)
date of birth November.5.2003

Sena (Dr.)
date of birth April.25.2003

Johnny Bowie (B.)

date of birth November.12.2004

Paul (G.)
date of birth July.20.2004